Antiquities Maintenance

Legal Regulation Aspects

The antiques and the historical site rule (Hong Kong legal regulation 53rd chapter) sixth, has the stipulation in addition besides (4) the funds, any person all must ︰

– To established provisionally in the historical site or the historical site carries on excavates, the construction or other projects, the planter or felling trees, either accumulate to the soil or trash;

– The disassemblies, the migration, the barrier, damage either disturbs any establishes provisionally the historical site or the historical site

But supervises based on the antiques business gives does not limit stipulation for the permit in this.


Service Sentiment Foreword

– Front begins must complete all recording like surveys, the photograph, the cartography and so on.

– The analysis property history process, the partial property is once rebuilt.

– Must retain the historical construction characteristic, the detail characteristic (for example in books story, in wood engraving theme and so on)

– Uses the traditional technology service (to hire traditional brick labor, carpentry, potter and so on, may in domestic seek)

– Avoids selecting the new material (brick, tile may as far as possible used original, woodcarving damages part, may act according to original model to repay, should not trade)

– In the service process, carefully protects other parts, should not damage.